Welcome to Vest-Pol official website

I sew and distribute a wide range of weighted articles.

I was motivated to begin in this line of work to create a weighted vest and weighted blanket for my son who suffered with Sensory integration dysfunction.

Therapy Specialists provided the encouragement and endorsed the products which led me to begin production in 2005.

I make products which help the following illnesses:
•    sensory integration (SI)
•    autism
•    Asperger’s syndrome
•    Down’s syndrome
•    cerebral palsy
•    and many others & training.

I’m providing products to therapy rooms, therapeutic / rehabilitation shops, kindergardens, training halls and private customers.

I supply only top quality products, adapted to individual requirements and appreciated by customers for many years.

In response to your needs, I continuously develop and expand product range.


Olga Wieczorek-Grzymała
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