Soft, delicate and visually attractive weighted blanket – perfectly fulfilling its basic therapeutic task, and at the same time a wonderful blanket during naps. Ideal for use on the go, in a pram or in a baby carrier.
A great gift idea.

The blanket is double-sided – on the one hand, made of selected patterned cotton (Oeko-Tex® certificate), and on the other – the individually matched color of a soft Minky.

Available fillings:

  • glass granules – looks like sand, so the blanket is filled with soft and delicate
  • natural gravel – small, round pebbles (2 – 4 mm), perceptible by the fabric, emitting light sounds while moving the blanket

The load is prepared according to the body weight or therapist’s recommendations.

Can be hand washed in water. The blanket should be dried in unfolded.

The price depends on the selected size and filling.