CLASSIC Weighted Blanket + Plush Cover


The quilt is made of white bedding cotton (Oeko-Tex® certificate), one layer of silicone filler is inside quilted with microfiber. The quilt is sewn with white cotton tape. The use of only one layer of filler provides the required softness and thickness. At the same time, it does not overly warm the quilt, which is particularly important during the summer and in a warm climate.
The duvet is extremely versatile, for use by adults and children. The appearance does not differ from the usual quilts available on the market, so it can be coated in any available duvet.

The set comes with a cover!

Buying a CLASSIC Weighted Quilt quilt in a set with a cover, both the quilt and the cover will be fitted with strings, thanks to which you can prevent slipping the Quilt in the cover!

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  • glass granules – looks like sand
  • natural gravel – small pebbles with a diameter of 2 to 4 mm, they make delicate sounds when moving

The load is prepared according to the selected weight of the quilt.

The quilt and cover can be washed according to the instructions on the label. Both elements should be dried in unfolded.

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