MINI Sensory Pillows


MINI Sensory Pillows are sold in a set, which consists of 8 squares with dimensions of 10 cm x 10 cm.

Each square is sewn from a different cotton fabric in a uniform color. The fabrics used have an Oeko-Tex® certificate.

Filling in each square is different, so the weight of individual pillows is different.

The product is a perfect complement to Sensory Pillows or Sensory Path. At the same time, the child can practice with both products (eg. walking feet on pillows or path, hold MINI Sensory Pillow elements in hand and find textures felt under the feet in the MINI Sensory Pillows).

Despite the use of twin colors and fillings, MINI Sensory Pillows are not a perfect reflection of sensory pillows or sensory path! That’s why these products are such a great set.

MINI Sensory Pillows are also designed for the youngest children as a development toy.

MINI Sensory Pillows are placed in a net bag with a drawstring. The practical bag allows you to maintain order and facilitate the transfer of the product.

Weight of the whole set – about 1 kg.

Can be washed in water.