Therapeutic pillow made of raw cotton (Oeko-Tex certificate) and filled with BUCK WHEAT.

The cushion is used primarily as a standard sleeping pillow, and at the same time can be used as a local weight for individual parts of the body.

Buckwheat hulls are hard, yet flexible and light. Moving freely inside the cushions, they let through the air and adjust to the shape of the neck and head, making it easier to fall asleep and help to get rid of the tension in the neck.

We encourage you to coat the pillow in the pillowcase (available here), thanks to which it will be much easier to keep it clean.

The cushion is fastened with a hidden zipper. This solution makes it easier to keep the pillows clean – just pour buckwheat husks into the container and wash the cover in the washing machine. The zipper allows convenient pouring or adding buckwheat husk, if necessary.

Additional buckwheat hulls can be purchased in our store!

The cushion should be regularly smeared.


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