Sleeping Bag FUN
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Sleeping Bag FUN is ideal for sleeping at home, on trips and ideally suited to staying with friends.
It can also be useful in kindergarten and therapeutic center.

Inside is made of patterned cotton (Oeko-Tex certificate), and the outer side is covered with a pleasant to the touch Minky fleece. Inside there is one layer of silicone filler to ensure comfortable warmth during sleep.

On one side of the Sleeping Bag FUN there is a color-matched zipper to facilitate the use of the product. The end of the zipper has been properly secured against slipping or possible sticking during sleep.

The product is equipped with strings. When the sleeping bag is wrapped, you can tie it up and save space.
In addition, the sleeping bag comes in a set with a cushion made of white microfiber. The pillow has a pillowcase made of the same fabric as the sleeping bag.
The sleeping bag can be washed in water according to the instructions on the product label.
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