Specialized weighted vests


The specialist therapeutic vest differs from the everyday weight vest in that it has large outside pockets for inserting weighted bags. This solution allows you to get a heavy load in the vest (over 5% of body weight) and greatly facilitates its quick change.

Specialist weighted vest is designed primarily for therapeutic and rehabilitation work in offices, centers, hospitals, schools, kindergartens and various types of exercise rooms, where high pressure is needed and high patient rotation occurs. It also works well in everyday therapy of children who need heavy weight. Bags with a load are located in the outside pockets, which provides a feeling of comfort during use, easy change of the weight of the load without having to remove the vest and gives the possibility of obtaining a greater load than in the everyday load vest. The used pullers allow the vest to be adapted to the exercising body. The load pockets are evenly distributed at the front and back of the vest. The lining is sewn inside the vest. The vests can be washed in water after removing the pouches with the load. The specialist therapeutic vest is sewn with corduroy that retains its structure even after many washes. clothing remains neat and ready to work with the patient.

Vests are made in the following sizes:

  • XS (height <110 cm); standard load 1.8 kg (10 bags)
  • S (height 110 – 125cm); standard load 2.1 kg (12 bags)
  • M (height 125 – 140cm); standard load 2.8 kg (16 bags)
  • L (height 140 – 155cm); standard load 3.6 kg (20 bags)
  • XL (on order) -> please specify height and waist size.

A single bag weighs 180g. You can order additional pouches: Additional pouches. You can sew the vest according to custom dimensions.

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