Weighted Blanket FUN 100 x 150 cm (Fire Department, Minky: Red) Sale!


  • Fire Brigade + Minky Red


  • 100 x 150 (cm)

The blanket is double-sided – on the one hand, made of patterned cotton (Oeko-Tex® certificate), and on the other – from a matching color soft Minky.


  • Glass granules – It resembles sand, so the quilt is filled with soft and delicate.
  • Natural Gravel – Small, round pebbles (2 – 4 mm), perceptible by the fabric, emitting light sounds when moving the quilt


  • The load is prepared according to the body weight or therapist’s recommendations.

Can be washed in water, dried in unfolded.

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

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