Weighted blanket JOY


The weighted duvet is incredibly attractive visually and very soft. Ideally suited for a child’s bedroom, for a stroller or for short naps.

The JOY weighted blanket model consists of two types of fabrics available to choose from. At the top, there is an individually selected FUN patterned fabric, and at the bottom, you can choose any color of VELVET.

It impresses with its exclusive appearance. The duvet is extremely versatile, for use by adults and children. It looks great in the bedroom as a complement to the decor.

We encourage you to familiarize yourself with our offer of textiles and bedding.

Inside there is one layer of silicone filler and load: glass granules or natural gravel.

Glass granules resemble fine sand, it is soft and delicate

Natural gravel consists of small washed stones with diameter 2 to 4 mm. It emits sounds when moved.

The load is prepared according to the chosen weight.

Chosen weight applies to the whole blanket.

Can be washed in water by hand and should be dried flat-spread.

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