Weighted blanket SOFT


The blanket is made of VELVET fabric.

It has no insulation layer inside.

It is an alternative to the SIMPLY blanket, which is sewn from 100% cotton with a thick weave, also without an insulating layer inside. These quilts can be considered as basic, all-year universal load. The VELVET blanket is more elegant and definitely softer and pleasant to the touch.

Available fillings:

  • glass granulate – it looks like sand, so the quilt is filled with soft and delicate. Universal filling for everyone who needs weight above all.
  • natural gravel – small, round pebbles (2 – 4 mm), perceptible through the fabric, making almost inaudible sounds (slight crunching) when moving the duvet. The quilt filled with natural gravel can be successfully used for rolling, wrapping, massaging or pressing the body, giving additional touch stimuli, additional stimulation. You can walk barefoot on it.

On request, we can prepare a quilt filled with polypropylene granules or buckwheat hulls -> individual pricing

If you need advice on choosing the right weight for a blanket – contact us.

The selected load weight applies to the finished quilt.

Can be washed in water, dried flat.

We also encourage you to familiarize yourself with our offer of textiles and bedding.

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