Zabuton mat derives from Japanese culture, it is used by yoga enthusiasts and all types of meditation, it also works great for people for whom the priority is comfortable sitting for a long time.

It is 70 x 90 cm in size, sewn across, each of the chambers is 5 centimeters wide and is filled with buckwheat husk.
Mat thanks to the buckwheat husk is hard and helps to maintain balance and correct position. It relieves the knees and ankles that are particularly vulnerable to abrasions during seating. Thanks to the use of stitches in the form of tubules, the buckwheat does not move inside the mat and there is an adequate amount of filling in each place. The special properties of buckwheat make it adapt to any shape that is placed on it.

The mat can be sewn in any color, at the client’s request. At the end of the mat, there are drawstrings thanks to which you can easily fold the mat after rolling so that you can easily take it everywhere with you because it does not take up much space as luggage. Moreover, when the mat is rolled up, it can serve as a so-called “Bolster” or roller also used during yoga and meditation. The mat is also used as an object in fun and changing situations for babies, for children to the reading corner or during long conversations in front of the fireplace, as a comfortable and healthy seat at home and in the garden. Our Zabuton mats are 100% ecological.

The material from which the mat is made is 100% cotton fabric with Oeko-Tex certificate.

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