60 x 80 cm Weighted blankets FUN (patterned cotton + minky)


A loaded quilt made of cotton fabric on one side (Oeko–Tex® certificate) and matching colour of corduroy or minky. It performs its therapeutic functions at the same time being soft and pleasant to the eye.

Available fillings:

  • natural gravel – small, round pebbles (2 – 4 mm), palpable through the fabric, giving slight sounds when the quilt is moved
  • glass granules – resembling fine sand

Available sizes (in cm):

  • mini (60 x 80)
  • small (90 x 120)
  • medium (100 x 150)
  • large (150 x 200).

Can be washed in water, dried spread.

While ordering, please specify:

  • selected size,
  • selected fabric
  • selected filling
  • body mass
  • any therapist’s recommendations
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